Interpretation of navamsa chart

1.      The spiritual essence of a horoscope lies in its Navamsa chart. The sub-divisions of a planetary sign (the sign inhabited by a given planet) have a direct collocation with various phases of his life which in turn has a direct bearing on his spiritual character. Certain underlying principles guide the interpretation of Navamsa.

2.      The nine fold divisions are guided by different lords. The lords of first, fourth and seventh Navamsa are of divine significance.   

3.      The lords of second, fifth and eighth denote spiritual reputation and kindness;   

4.      whereas the 

5.      lords of third, sixth and ninth are demonic in significance.

6.      ‘Pushkaramasha’ is the most auspicious element of a Navamsa. Each zodiac rashi or sign has two Pushkara Navamsa.

7.      Thus with a sum total of twelve rashis or signs, there are twenty four Pushkara Navamshas.    The peculiarity of this lies in the fact that they are owned by beneficial planets. Consequently, such planets during their tenure ship bestow on the concerned individual abundance of wealth, riches and progress.   This is particularly true of Jupiter.   The concerned planet in ‘pushkara’ blesses the native with wealth and good prospects.

8.      The fifth house of Navamsa chart indicates the spiritual self of a person.    One needs to have a look at the placement of Sun and its friendly planets to find out to what extent the efforts of one’s good will and action may bear fruits.   

9.      On the other hand, the rising Ascendant Or Lagna, its lord and the third house have direct connection with the elements of patience and endurance.10.  Similarly, the rising lord, the seventh house and its lord, Venus and its friendly bodies have a direct bearing on ones better half.   

  1. 11.  The third house and is lords are associated with overseas settlement and disease. The combined features of the third, seventh, ninth and the twelfth house together with the respective placement of their lords signify overseas travel.
  2. 12.  Likewise the ‘lagna’ its lord, the sixth lord and Ketu are linked with diseases whereas ‘Rahu’ and its transit have a link with the curability of diseases.
  3.   The planet of the ascending sign and its lord should not ideally occupy the sixth, eighth and twelfth places in a Navamsa. The given locations make for their afflictions leading to anxieties and trouble during their tenureship.       1.      Planets weakly positioned in natal chart but heightened in Navamsa are supposed to produce favorable results. The reverse is also true. Planets or aspects denoted by those planets should be equal in strength in both the natal and Navamsa chart so as to produce the desired result.


Navamsa predictions

 2.      Planets strengthened in Navamsa chart are supposed to be thrice more powerful than that in natal chart.

3.      A planet occupying the same place in birth as well as that of the Navamsa chart is supposed to be very powerful.

4.      Thus prediction should always be made in context of the Navamsa, birth chart and that showing the transitory phases of various planets.

5.      The chart is particularly helpful in spheres of marriage, mental matching with one’s spouse. It also helps to predict the time of marriage and how delays can be overcome.

1.      Analysis of a given Navamsa chart testifies to the general prospects and dispositions of one’s life. The ascendant sign and its respective lord bare testimony to the native’s colour shape, general nature and the overall mental makeup.

2.      Moon’s Navamsa and that of its ascendant lord usually determine a native’s physical look.

Effects of Navamsa

 3.      Transitory effects of Moon in the context of one’s birth chart and that of his Navamsa has profound bearing on his nature. The entire set of Navamsa has its prolific bearing on individual’s physical features and that of his innate disposition.Image

Thus houses of a birth chart should be correlated to that of his Navamsa. Conjunction or opposition of planets should be given due priority for predicting results.


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  1. PK says:

    There are NO HOUSES and ASPECTS in Navansha , please get a hold of the subject

    • Any Varga Chart is studied with reference to the Natal Chart. The Varga Chart is also treted as a main chart and SarvashtakaVarga is also prepared and the Star position is also calculated. Navamsa Chart is the Ninth Harmonic Chart and can also studied independantly and analyse the Yogas also and why not aspects? Don’t get confused my dear Friend.

      • PK says:

        Thanks for the response Sir but this is simply incorrect. Graha aspects are based on longitude of planets and so cannot exist in navamsa etc. Also Yoga exist only in Rasi. There is no separate independent chart to look at. Navamsa covers dignity and colors the results by planets/houses falling in certain amsa. Please do look at the definition of aspects in BPHS or any major classical text.

      • You are Mistaken. Longitudes of planets in the Navamsa for that matter for all Vargas can be calculted , so aspects are also effective in all Varga Charts.

  2. vidhya says:

    i find my navamsa chart good but my rasi chart isnt good enough…but all astrologers i have visited have given very good predictions…im confused whether it is true or not because i find myself unlucky and nothing is happening according to predictions…
    my dob is 1.9.1993,time:6.10am,madras….want to know whether it is really good or not….

    • In your Horoscope as per the particulars provided- the L-of the ASC SUN is in Vargottama, But it is placed in the 12th House in the Navamsa which is a TRIKA House. This causes some impediments. The Lord of the 5th JUP is placed in the 2nd along with a Yoga karaka MARS. But both are placed in the Star of the 12th House. Lord of the 10th VEN is placed in the 12th a TRIKA House. But well placed in Navamsa in his Moolt Sign. But with a drawback of Conjn with SAT(R) who is the Lord of 5th and 6th .
      MER L-of 2nd and 11th H is in Exalt in Navamsa. JUP L- of 5th is in Exalt in Navamsa in the Labhasthana.
      Finally JUP Dasa Chandra Bhuki may not be that much favourable compared to JUP/MARS from JUN 2014 Best of Luck

  3. anurag says:

    my date of birth is 13th march 1986, muzaffarpur bihar,time-9:16am…..can u please predict my d9 and d10 chart.i am still unemployed and theres a lot of stress!!!will be very grateful to you.thank u sir!!

  4. sameer says:

    i have ketu in 7th house in navamsa, what does that signify?

    • You have to study the Varga Charts with reference to the Rasi Chart .

      • Natesh says:

        I am going through Mars Dasha.. In my birth chart Mars is debilitated in 8th in parivarthana with Moon again debilitated in 12th. When I approached astrologers they say Mars debility is cancelled and there is vipareeth raj yoga. Also I see Mars exalted in Navamsa chart in 9th house. But I have been going through horrible times since 2012. Lost my job ( was in high position in an MNC) lost my father, all my siblings and relatives turned against for no reasons etc… I am not able to correlate what is predicted and what is going through.. Can you please throw some light on this please.. Especially with regard to employment.. whether I can get through with another job or it is going to be a distant one.. thanking you .. Natesh

      • Many times I mentioned in my articles that Kuja Dosham cannot be fully eliminated .
        The effect can be reduced to some extant. Mars is in the 12th House to the Bhagyasthana,
        thus negating Bhagyam. Dasamsa Chart for Career & Saptamsa for relationship with Children .
        You will get answers to your doubts.

  5. Meena k says:

    My name is meena dob 25-09-1981 Hyderabad place of birth I have a lot of stress in my life presently going through a divorce .can u please elaborate about my career and marriage.

  6. Vijayan says:

    I really admire your work. My dob is 26/12/1973. Can you please guide me. Thank you.

  7. Prithviraj says:

    MY DOB is 21 09 1983 2;10pm kasaragod kerala, I have good rashi chart as per many astrologers but im unable to get any good result, can u read my navamsa as well as rashi chart.

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