Selection of Girl (or boy) through horoscope matching.


Points to  consider before matching Horoscopes

  1. In those olden days, when the child marriage marriages were rampant, it was essentially necessary for checking the compatibility of horoscope. To check for the boy’s longevity, health, finance, social status of his future etc. Since the couples would be too young to judge about the future, it was devised to check the horoscope. So the arranged marriages were, mostly after checking the horoscopes of the boy and girl, to understand their future based on the natal charts. Since it was at different era that the horoscopes were compared and matched, whence the balya vivaha (child marriages) took place. But for the present generation, the marriages are solemnized after the eligible persons attaining generally after 20 years of age, fairly grown and matured, they think that it is not a must or essential at all to match the horoscope. 
  2. And this holds good for the Love marriages, where the horoscope matching is a nightmare for many, as the many elders still insisting on matching the natal charts.     Where it is not at all pertinent or necessary, still there are many blind followers of the astrological myths, or to be precise, I can blatantly state it as a mirth!  In a civilized society, these blind faith are something causing a lot more trouble than soothing analysis from the subject – Astrology. In this article, I discuss the general conditions and planetary alignments that effects or affects the persons married life. But for the general view, this cannot be taken as a final verdict. And in many cases, this judgment too fail, if any one’s horoscope is with wrong calculations or birth timings. Please remember, fate supercedes everything and it is left to the destiny that rules. 
  3. If you truly love some one, then go ahead, get married and be happy for ever. Never even look at this article as this is not meant for you. Marriages are made in heaven, and surely not by matching the horoscopes by astrologers.
  4. For a long happy successful married life, the horoscope of girl should be not only good but match with boy.    In the present day context where divorces have increased manifold this is of paramount importance.   It is impossible that the horoscope is good in all respects and match with yours in all aspects but a minimum requirement should be met with. Only then you will have a happy and harmonious married life. So attach considerable importance to the quality of girl’s horoscope and its matching with that of yours. You may even take the advice of experts before you take a final decision.
  5. Girl’s Star
  1. If the girl’s star is Mrigashersham or Swathi or Anuradha then you need not look into other details and immediately select her. These stars are considered to be exceptionally good and so do not require matching of horoscope from other angles.
  2. Rajju
  3. Matching of Rajju is most important. Star of girl should not be the same or 10th or 19th of of your star. Some same stars are however exceptions.
  4. Star
  5. Count from girl’s star upto your star and divide the figure by nine. If the reminder is 2,4,6,8 then matching is good. If it is 5 it is tolerable. But if the reminder is 1, 3, 7 then there is no matching.
  6. Rasi
  7. Your Rasi should be at least 6 counts from that of the girl. The owner of your Rasi should be friend and not an enemy of the owner of girl’s Rasi.



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