1. 1.       Navamsa is the most important sub-division in Hindu Astrology.   In Predictive Astrology Navamsa occupies an outstanding  position. Usually Rasi Chart and Navamsa Chart are tagged together in the South India.  Techniques based on the Navamsa Division has been extensively used in Jaimini system,  Kala Chakra Dasa,  Sarvato-bhadra-Chakra, and Ankana Sastra by Vyaghra pada.  
  2. 2.       Mantreswara in Phaladeepika,  said that “ Swochche neechamsage Du:khi Neeche Swochchamsage sukhi” For example Sun in Mesha sign  and Tula Navamsa Is of no use for being in exalted Sign.   On the other hand the Sun being in Tula Rasi in Mesha Navamsa gives good results.
  3. 3.       In Manasagari the author is of the opinion in his own words “ prayo navamse akhilam”  and : Jatakaphalm navamse”  meaning that all aspects of life can be gleaned through Navamsa Chart.
  4. 4.       Some authors gave importance to Rising Navamsa [ Navamsa Lagna] , and some to the Navamsa occupied by the Moon at Birth. Navamsa Chart is given more importance in Parashara’s Shodasa Vargas, because it isvery significant that Nakshatra Quarter is identified with Navamsa. “ Grahanam Amsakam Balam “
  5. 5.       In Vimsopaka Bala Rasi gets 6 Points out of 20 and Navamsa is next in Importance with 5 Points. And Drekkana with 4 Points.
  6. 6.       If the planet is in the same Sign in both Rasi and Navamsa Charts it is said that the Planet is in Vargottama Navamsa and the Planet is considered as Strong and gives good results. Its Rasi Dispositor and Navamsa Dispositor are one and the Same Planet.
  7. 7.       The First in Chara signs [0d to 3d-20m], Middle in Fixed signs [ 13-20 to 16d-40m], and Last Navamsa in Duel signs [26-40 to 30d] are Vargottama Navamsa. 
  8. 8.       Navamsa chart gives clue about the exact position of the Planet to a great accuracy. Suppose for Meena Lagna if Sun is in Vargottama, then we can say that Sun is between 26d-40m to 30d
  9. 9.       When Rasi Chart is the Body, then Navamsa is the Backbone.   If Rasi is the tree, then Navamsa is the fruit.
  10. 10.   If the Rasi Chart is the Photo, Navamsa is the X-Ray , If we consider Rasi as the Maha Dasa, then Navamsa is the Bhukti.
  11. 11.   Rasi is the Sthoola and Navamsa is the Sookshma Vibagha. 
  12. 12.   If a Planet is in a Pushkara Navamsa, the status of life is Higher. Pushkara Navamsa has been defined in Vidya Madhaveeyam. It is also called Pushkaramsa and it is a particular degree which gives auspicious effects. 
  13. Pushkara Navamsa

    Mesha , Simha , Dhanus

    7th Navamsa and

    9th Navamsa

    Taur, Virg, and Capri

     3rd Navamsa and

    5th   Navamsa

    Gem, Libr, Aqua              

     6th Navamsa and

    8th Navamsa

    Can, Scor, Pisces             

    1st  Navamsa and

    3rd Navamsa

  14. 1.       It is believed that, if the birth-chart is body of Kaalpurush then the Navamsa chart is its soul. The accurate prediction is incomplete without each other. The results of a planetary positions cannot be determined without the birth-chart while the strength of the planet which are in the malefic or benefic position in the ascendant chart can be cross checked with the position of the planets in the Navamsa chart.
  15. 2.       As per the ancient scholars and astrologers, if the planet is weak in the birth chart and is strong in the Navamsa then the planet is not weak. In the same way if the planet is inauspicious in the birth chart and is auspicious in the Navamsa chart then the planet will be considered as auspicious. If the conjunction of ascendant lord of birth-chart and Navamsa chart is auspicious, then the person will be fortunate.

3.       Classification and Lords of Navamsa
The lords of Navamsa are as follows:
a. The lord of first, 4th and 7th Navamsa is Deva which means the divine lord. It represent the qualities of generosity, power, wealth. Native born in this part of Navamsa are generous, religious and powerful.
b. The lord of 2nd, 5th and 8th Navamsa represent Nara which means a man or person of kind, soul and reputed. Engaged in the pursuits of human welfare.
c. The lords of 3rd, 6th and 9th Navamsa represent the charatertistics of Rakshaha or a demon. This part represent cruel, quarry, violent, selfish and person of a negative qualities.

  1.  4.       In Navamsa two things are must to be seen. The Lagna Bhava and Lagna Lord should not be into 6th, 8th or 12th Bhava in D-9.
  1. a)       If it is moveable sign it should not be in 6th Navamsa or 8th Navamsa,

    b)       if it is fixed Sign it should not to be in 4th Navamsa and

    c)       in Dual sign it should not be in 2nd, 4th, & 8th Navamsa.

    d)      Secondly, 6th, 8th & 12th lord of D-1 should not get associated with Lagna Bhava or lagna lord in D-9. When the Lagna and Lagna Lord of D-9 gets associated with 6, 8 or 12 of D-9. The first level of afflictions will give the affects in the Mahadasha of Planets connecting to these Lagna Lord and Lagna. The second level of afflictions is in the Antradasha of these planets and the third level in the Pratyanter Dashas. One will experience these kinds of troubles and anxietities in life.

    Blessings of Pushkara Navamsa
    Pushkaramsa represent Pushkara Navamsa of 3d-20′ in a Rasi which is its most auspicious part. Each Rasi has two Pushkara Navamsa and thus their total in 12×2 = 24. These Navamsa are owned by the benefic planets and can predict benefic results, when applying in muhurata, prasana and timing of events, Jupiter when in pushkara bless the native with plenty of wealth and progress in life.


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  1. rupesh says:

    SATURN in pushkaramamsa SATURN in pushkaranavams… what does it mean?

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